Harwich & Brewster firefighters recognized for saving dog from house blaze

HARWICH –Compassionate Fire Department Awards are on their way from PETA to the Harwich and Brewster Fire Departments, which responded to a fire at a house in Standish Woods Circle in Harwich last weekend and acted quickly to rescue a dog inside the house before he lost consciousness.

They rushed the dog to the front yard, administered oxygen, and reunited him with his guardians, who were away from the home at the time of the fire. The dog is reportedly doing well.

“These firefighters had the knowledge, resources, and determination needed to avert what could have been a very different and tragic outcome,” says PETA Senior Vice President of Communications Lisa Lange.

“PETA hopes their good work will inspire people everywhere to come to the aid of animals in need.”

PETA encourages all animal owners to put a sign on their doors or windows in order to alert rescue workers to the presence of dogs, cats, and other animal companions. Families can order stickers from the PETA Catalog or make their own.

The fire departments will each receive a package of the fire-alert stickers, a framed certificate, a box of vegan cookies, and a copy of The Engine 2 Diet—a Texas firefighter’s 28-day plan for staying in prime firefighting shape by eating plant-based meals.

Captain Craig Thornton, Lieutenant Scott Tyldesley and Firefighter Jim Clarke from the Harwich Fire Department were involved with the rescue.

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