Work resumes on Commercial St. project in Provincetown

PROVINCETOWN – Construction resumed Monday on Commercial Street in Provincetown

Crews began working on unrelated sewer items during the first day of work. On Tuesday, they will begin finalizing water service connections mostly in the East End of the project area.

That work will cause minor interruption in service for a few property owners. A detour will result between Howland Street and Cook Street.

As the week progresses, crews will start to move west, blocking off parking as they go. All residents and business owners should be prepared for a full parking restriction to be in place, within the phase 3 area, by the end of this week.

Work crews will place barrels at the end of each day to delineate the work zone for the following day.

Next week, crews will continue performing water service connections as well as installing an isolation valve for the vacuum sewer system. There will be a second crew that will be raising cast iron structures to the final grade elevation.

That will impact the roadway and bikers and pedestrian should use caution during the evening and overnight hours.

The Department of Public Works is currently targeting the final paving date for April 17, 2017.

If you have questions or concerns please contact Sherry Prada, Operations Director at the Department of Public Works at 508-487-7060 or [email protected]

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