Yarmouth Police honored in annual recognition ceremony

YARMOUTH –Yarmouth Police gave recognition Friday to several members of the department during their annual awards ceremony.

2016 Award Categories

Officer of the Year

  • Patrol Sergeant Andrew O’ Malley

Emergency 911 Dispatcher of the Year

  • Police Dispatcher Katie Brown

Superior Investigative Award

  • Detective David Schneeweis

Unit Commendation

The Yarmouth Police Department Mental Health Outreach Team

  • Patrol Sergeant Andrew O’ Malley
  • Detective Michael Zontini
  • Patrol Officer Diana Wells
  • Patrol Officer Melissa Alden
  • Patrol Officer Connor Burnham

Meritorious Service Award

  • Deputy Chief Steven G. Xiarhos
  • Patrol Sergeant Gerard Britt
  • K9 Patrol Officer Marc Thibeault

Exceptional Service Award

  • K9 Patrol Officer Michael Kramer and K9 Kosmo
  • K9 Patrol Officer Sean Gannon and K9 Thor
  • Patrol Officer Nicholas Giammarco
  • Records Division Officer Philip Magnuson
  • Patrol Officer Kevin Antonovitch

Honorable Investigative Award

  • Detective Scott Lundegren
  • Proactive Anti-Crime Unit Officer Christopher VanNess
  • Patrol Officer Ryan Brule

Community Policing Service Award

  • Patrol Officer Seam Brewer
  • Patrol Officer George Tsoukalas
  • Patrol Officer Erica Wenberg
  • Patrol Officer Mary Gibney
  • Police 911 Emergency Dispatcher Katie Brown
  • Reserve Police Officer Alan Delaney

Letter of Commendation

  • Police 911 Emergency Dispatcher Kerrie Pentland

Educational Achievement Award

  • Lieutenant Kevin P. Lennon
  • Patrol Sergeant Andrew O’Malley

Longevity Service Award

5 years

  • Patrol Officer Richard Aprea
  • Patrol Officer Jason Batchelder
  • Patrol Officer Nicholas Giammarco
  • Patrol Officer Sean Geary
  • Patrol Officer Matthew Sheehan

10 years

  • Patrol Officer Erica Wenberg

15 years

  • Records Officer Philip Magnuson
  • Detective Michael Zontini
  • K9 Patrol Officer Michael Kramer
  • K9 Patrol Officer Marc Thibeault

20 years

  • Patrol Officer Brian Niezgoda

30 years

  • Court Officer Chris Capobianco
  • Patrol Sergeant Christopher McEachern

Certificate of Appreciation

  • Melony Ellis

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