‘Good News’ Really Resonated With Me

The chorus of Ocean Park Standoff’s song ‘Good News’ really resonated with me this past week. Let me share them with you if you’re not familiar:

I need some good news, baby
Feels like the world’s gone crazy

Give me some good news, baby
Give it to me, give it to me

Don’t we all just need some GOOD NEWS now and then?

I found a ‘sweet’ story that inspired me to share, because who doesn’t need a break from life’s craziness to hearing about some good news. Al Braun is a candy bagger for Spangler Candy Company (you know them, they make Dum Dum lollipops) in Bryan, Ohio. Al just retired April 21st, after putting in 48 years, that’s right – 48 years! – with the company. He is one of the few employees to work all four generations of the company’s existence. Al has made over 50 billion Dum Dums and has seen quite a transformation in how technology has changed the industry, from manual bagging to complete automation. Al’s words touched me most, “I’m satisfied because I’m making people happy because they can have a sucker. It’s just enjoyable to me. I want everyone to be happy.” Shouldn’t life be that simple? I just want everyone to be happy. Spangler Candy Company posted Al’s retirement on their website because Al didn’t think anyone cared. People cared alright, and they certainly have been showing him love on social media. His story went viral with over 25 MILLION (and counting) views, and hundreds of thousands of shares. Al dedicated his career to the philosophy “I just want everyone to be happy.” His sweet (pun intended) story gave me a smile – think of Al the next time you enjoy a Dum Dum; peel back a few layers of the crazy and try to do something to make someone else happy every now and then.

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