How Sick Is ‘Too Sick’ To Stay Home From School?

A new survey asked more than 1,400 parents, ‘how sick does your child have to be to keep them home from school’? While you don’t want to send them if they aren’t feeling good and could potentially make others sick, it’s also difficult to find childcare or stay home from work or other plans, at the last minute. So here’s what these parents had to say:

42% of parents said they would send their child to school if they’d thrown up just once and didn’t show any other symptoms.

51% said they would shuffle their kid off to school with a fever, but only if it was a slight one, and they were otherwise acting normal.

84% would send them to school with itchy, red or watery eyes, but no accompanying fever.

88% of parents said they would still send their child with a runny nose and dry cough, as long as they didn’t have a fever with those symptoms.

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to keep your child home and when to send them in. I know when I was a kid, once in a while I ‘faked sick’ when I didn’t want to go! Sometimes it was because of a test or a class I was dreading, or sometimes it was just because I didn’t feel like it. As an adult, we’re all able to make the best decisions for ourselves when it comes to being ill. With kids though, you have to be able to tell they are too sick for school, or you have to trust they are telling you the truth. Sometimes it’s easy to tell, other times not so much. I think when in doubt, it’s better to keep them home, that way they’ll feel better and you won’t be risking getting all the other kiddos at school sick too.

Thankfully spring is on it’s way and the colds, fevers and flus that accompany winter will be out of here sooner rather than later!

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