Moms – Sound Off!

Mother’s Day is this weekend. Do you make special plans? Is your day fit for a Queen or do you just love spending the day with the people who get the pleasure of calling you Mom?
A new study found that 70% of us plan on buying a Mother’s Day gift, averaging $58 on a gift. They also asked a bunch of Moms what gifts they wanted most.
Top five are:
1. Flowers

2. Dinner at a nice restaurant
3. A gift card
4. Jewelry
5. Beauty products

It’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ world though, and I consider myself an atypical Mom as I read the list. A bouquet will die, buy me a tree or a shrub that I can reminisce about when it and the girls are grown. I’d rather a picnic at the beach WITH my family as opposed to a fancy restaurant where I would never take the kids. Gift cards are safe, who refuses gift cards?! Jewelry is a personal item for me, my pieces have a story and are meaningful. I laugh at the thought of my husband and girls trying to buy me beauty products (sorry Chris, but that is so far from your wheelhouse it’s funny).

My girls still love to make gifts; I love receiving the pictures and gifts that they lovingly create with me in mind. I don’t necessarily need things, I just like to spend time with the only people special enough to be able to call me Mom. If you are lucky enough to have your Mom in your life, be sure to let her know how much you love her!

What about you? What’s your ideal Mother’s Day look like? Whatever it might be, high tea or Earthy crunchy, from me to you, enjoy your special day.

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