My Review of Manchester By the Sea

I am very excited because this year I have the opportunity to vote for the SAG Awards! I am in the SAG-AFTRA Union and all members have been sent DVD’s of the movies and TV Shows up for consideration. So I thought for my blog this week I would review “Manchester By The Sea.”

Casey Affleck plays “Lee Chandler” a reclusive janitor making a mediocre salary (at best) he lives in Quincy. His brother Joe, Collapses and passes away and Lee finds that his brother has made him the sole guardian of his nephew ”Patrick” (Lucas Hedges) Lee took a “leave” from his job to return to Manchester-by-the-Sea” to take care of Patrick…which he did not want to do. He also has to look in the mirror at his past separation from his wife “Randi” played by Michelle Williams.

This Movie is slowly paced and a somber but yet still relatable on some level…because let’s face it…life is NOT all roses. I found Casey Affleck’s performance to be Oscar and Sag worthy. He is basically miserable with his life…that being said his acting is “right on” he’s quietly intense. You really have to “get into” the characters in this film because quite frankly it could put you to sleep. The ending was not what I think most people hoped for but it depicts the pain of real life.


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