News on the Weekends

GavinRalphieI was leaving an appearance on Friday night when the news of Fidel Castro broke. I was up most of the night watching the news and the things going on in Miami and Havana.

What did I do? I downloaded the Scarface movie theme, turned down the volume of the news and just let it fly.

It was rather entertaining.

It also reminded me of major world events that happened while I was on my way home from appearances.

Osama Bin Laden getting whacked, I thought Geraldo was going to need an ambulance.

Princess Diana passing in that horrific car crash in Paris.

The Yankees winning the 1996 World series, made me sick.

Seems a lot of things happen on a Friday or Saturday overnight.

Maybe while you’re peeking at this blog you can report back to some events I missed. Enjoy.

See ya!!


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