Taylor Swift’s mom wanted to keep groping allegation private

(Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)

DENVER (AP) — Taylor Swift’s mother didn’t call police to report allegations that a radio station DJ groped her daughter before a 2013 concert, and a liaison for the pop star asked the DJ’s boss to keep a photo of the alleged assault confidential.

Wednesday’s testimony highlighted an initial attempt to keep the encounter in Denver out of the spotlight. Yet four years later, Swift and former DJ David Mueller are embroiled in a widely publicized federal court case.

Andrea Swift said she wanted to keep the encounter private because she didn’t want it to define her daughter’s life.

Mueller sued Taylor Swift for at least $3 million, saying she cost him his job and reputation.

Swift countersued, claiming sexual assault. She says she wants to be an example to other assault victims.

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