The Scientific Reason You Shouldn’t Make Your Bed

It’s true. I won’t deny it. I never make my bed. Here’s why: I just don’t care that it’s unmade! I see making the bed as a complete waste of time, since I’m just going to get in and mess it up night after night. However, besides my reason for not making the bed, there is actually a real scientific reason behind why your bed should remain unmade. Brace yourself; it’s pretty gross.

It all comes down to the all mighty dust mite! Your bed could be home to millions of those little suckers! They are microscopic, but they feast on skin cells that flake off while we are sleeping. Wow, that was tough to type out, it’s just SO disgusting! Now, here’s the kicker! The “allergens” they produce are actually dust mite poop, and are easily inhaled by humans while we sleep, becoming the major cause of respiratory issues such as asthma.

So, now that we’re past the worst part, here’s why you should leave your bed a mess! When we make our beds, the mites get trapped in our sheets, and there’s no chance for those sheets to get aired out before we get back underneath ‘em. Therefore, the dust mites are able to continue to feed on our skin particles all day while growing with the moisture from our sweat. Well, that’s incredibly disgusting to think about and yet again, difficult to write.

So by keeping your bed messy, the sheets can breathe and the mites will die, thank goodness. Peace out you gross little things! Oh and for the love of everything, please wash your sheets on a regular basis, and by regular I mean weekly college kids! I can’t bear to think about all of us living in a constant state of dead dust mites! Yuck!

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