Trump celeb crew awaits his turn in spotlight, and their own

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

WASHINGTON (AP) — The golden-haired model who has graced the cover of hundreds of romance novels, Fabio, was wrapping up Thanksgiving dinner at Donald Trump’s South Florida club when the president-elect began making the rounds to greet his guests.

Fabio says he hit it off with Trump, who asked the brawny model how he stays in shape. On a second visit to the Mar-a-Lago club around New Year’s, Fabio huddled with Trump’s spokesman and offered his assistance on veterans’ issues.

Fabio’s embrace of Trump puts him in an exclusive and eclectic club: celebrities who not only support the president-elect, but are willing to do so publicly.

The entertainment industry’s liberal bent, combined with outrage over Trump’s controversial campaign comments on women and minorities, has left Trump persona non grata with most A-listers.

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