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  • Lumpectomies Just Got More Patient Friendly April 27, 2017 - HYANNIS – Breast surgeons at Cape Cod Hospital now have a new tool that Kathryn Dalton, DO, refers to as a “magic wand.” SAVI SCOUT® is a radar localization system created by Cianna Medical that helps make lumpectomies more precise and efficient, explained Dr. Dalton, who is director of breast services for Cape Cod Healthcare. […]
  • A Doctor and Paramedic Gone Too Soon April 26, 2017 - YARMOUTH – As he had many times before, Dr. Evan Weinstein stood in front of 40 paramedics and EMTs leading a training session. This time, it was on how to handle patients suffering from mental duress, often provoked by alcohol or drugs. A stranger watching and listening to Evan might wonder why he was a […]
  • Give Up Smoking – For Your Pet’s Sake April 25, 2017 - HYANNIS – You may know that smoking can lead to cancer, asthma, heart disease and other potentially fatal diseases. But if that doesn’t give you pause, maybe this will: It’s bad for your dog and cat too. Pets in smoking households are at greater risk for weight gain, cell damage and some cancers, according to […]
  • A Common Practice That Can Shorten Your Life April 24, 2017 - HYANNIS – How many pills do you take each day? This is a question that more and more primary care physicians are asking their patients as it becomes alarmingly clear that older Americans are often prescribed more medications than they need. In fact, a new study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association […]
  • Peace of Mind For Those Who Live Alone April 21, 2017 - HYANNIS – Living alone can be fraught with challenges as we age. Decreasing mobility and eyesight can leave us vulnerable to falls and other accidents, but having a personal emergency response system in place can get help or emergency medical services (EMS) to you within minutes with the push of a button. And if you […]
  • The Best Medicine For This May Be No Prescription April 20, 2017 - HYANNIS – Your head feels heavy, and there is pressure around your eyes and under your cheekbones that causes pain when you bend over.  Thick mucus drains from your nose and throat. That cold you had may have turned into something worse – sinusitis. You need to get antibiotics to clear this up, right? Well, […]
  • Are You Fit Enough to Fight Cancer? April 19, 2017 - HYANNIS – The harsh drugs of chemotherapy do a pretty good job of killing cancer cells, but many of them can also make patients ill. Side effects are especially debilitating for older people, but it’s difficult for oncologists to know beforehand exactly which patients will experience the worst side effects. With that in mind, researchers […]
  • A Furry Staff Member Who Listens Without Judgment April 18, 2017 - HYANNIS – Walk through the door at the Kenneth C. Coombs School nurse’s office in Mashpee and you will be greeted by a four-legged assistant with a wagging tail. Cassie is a 4-year-old golden retriever who shares her “office” with school nurse Stacey Schakel, MSN, RN, CAGS, NCSN. Next door, at the Quashnet Elementary School, […]
  • No Health Insurance; Haven’t Signed up For Medicare? April 17, 2017 - HYANNIS – The health insurance maze can be a confusing journey along a road of paperwork that never seems to end. Take a wrong turn and you’re starting all over again. The good news is there is assistance to help you travel the path of least resistance. The financial counselors at Cape Cod and Falmouth […]
  • Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Put a Q-Tip in Your Ear April 13, 2017 - HYANNIS – A friend’s mother told him when he was a kid that he should never put anything in his ear that was smaller than his elbow. That sounds kind of funny, but it’s actually good advice, said otolaryngologist Craig Jones, MD. And yet, people continue to put Q-tips into their ears, sometimes deep into […]
  • On the Road Again: A Bike That Fits Will Be Fun to Ride April 11, 2017 - HYANNIS – It’s a wonderful spring day, with blue skies and comfortable breezes; perfect for a leisurely bike ride or a rigorous cycling workout. Perhaps you’ll cruise the Cape Cod Canal or try the Shining Sea Bikeway in Falmouth. The Cape Cod Rail Trail in Dennis is a nice option, too. No matter where you […]
  • Not Everyone May be Happy About That New Baby April 10, 2017 - HYANNIS – Few things in life are more joyful than parents’ anticipation of a new baby, but a first child might not second that emotion. “For an only child, or for any child, it is a very big change,” said Janelle Laudone, MD, a pediatric hospitalist at Cape Cod Hospital. The best way to prepare […]
  • Red Cross Honors Cape Cod Hospital Innovators April 6, 2017 - HYANNIS – A team of Cape Cod Hospital employees will be honored this week for their innovative efforts to help some of the area’s most vulnerable patients. The award is for the hospital’s work with mothers with substance use histories and their babies. The Red Cross of the Cape, Islands and Southeast Massachusetts will recognize […]
  • A “Landing Place” to Manage Heart Failure April 5, 2017 - HYANNIS – Bill Wrenn isn’t one to whine. “I resist complaining,” the 87-year-old said. “I tough it out.” But in November, Wrenn, who lives in East Sandwich, had a reminder that he can’t “tough out” everything. A bout of pneumonia landed him in Cape Cod Hospital. The pneumonia was on top of cardiac issues that […]
  • Is Chemo Brain a Real Disorder? April 4, 2017 - HYANNIS – Imagine being able to knit complex patterns for years, only to discover that now you can’t figure out how to make a simple hat. You can no longer talk on the phone and cook dinner at the same time. You pick up your son at school for a dentist appointment and drive home […]