How to have Four Seas Ice Cream at your next Cape Cod event

Four Seas Ice Cream has been a Cape Cod landmark for over 80 years. The popular ice cream shop has served celebrities such as Bob Hope, Taylor Swift and practically every member of the Kennedy family. Now you don’t have to wait in line to have their famous ice cream, they’ll come to you.

Four Seas Ice Cream has branched out from the Centerville location to catering events. “It makes a big impact,” said Peggy Warren, who owns Four Seas Ice Cream with her husband, Doug. It’s no surprise that guests and customers respond to having a local tradition at an event. “We’ve done prepackaged ice cream cups for businesses to hand out at grand opening or for staff appreciation.” For those who prefer a more personal touch, Four Seas will send staff members to events to scoop individual cups and cones for guests.

If you want to really make an impression, imagine having Four Seas Ice Cream famous sundae bar at your wedding, retirement party, or birthday. Four Seas will fully customize the selections available from ice cream flavors to toppings in order to make it unique to your event. Your guests won’t have to lift a finger. Four Seas provides staff members to build individual sundaes to order. “The sundae bars have proven to be big hits at weddings. Everything can be customized so they can really put their own touch on it,” said Warren.

Four Seas Ice Cream catering options also include the delicious foods they’ve begun to sell at the shop as well as a few other items. “We’re catering a corporate event and for the first time doing food as well as ice cream with items like lobster sliders, wraps, chicken salad, and lobster salad. It’s exciting,” said Warren. The catering menu is very extensive and can be customized according to the event, the number of people attending, and the client’s wishes.

Four Seas Ice Cream also creates delicious ice cream cakes to include in your event. Doug and Peggy Warren recently created a lavish three tier ice cream wedding cake for their daughter. Each layer featured multiple flavors. The sky is the limit when creating ice cream cakes at Four Seas. “We make two sizes: 6 inch and 9 inch cakes. We can do whatever flavor you want with hot fudge and cake crunch in the middle and a whip cream topping. It creates an ice cream sundae flavor,” explained Warren. The top of the cake can be decorated to reflect your event and air brushed any color. “We do suggest a bit of notice if you want a 6 inch because we tend to keep more 9 inches in stock. And we ask for a bit of notice if you want a specialty flavor,” said Warren.

Four Seas Ice Cream has been a tradition on Cape Cod for generations and now they can be a part of your wedding, birthday, graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or special occasion. Contact Four Seas to discuss all the catering options available for your next event. Doug and Peggy Warren are ready to help you create the perfect menu, ice cream cake, ice cream station or sundae bar to really wow your guests.

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