How to Rid Your Yard of Mosquitos and Ticks

With the rain and hot weather Cape Cod has experienced recently, mosquitos are in full swing. More people are choosing to treat their lawns in order to ward off pests rather than depend on less effective sprays and candles. Not only do mosquitos undermine your enjoyment of the outdoors, but they have increasingly become a health concern. Mosquitos have been known to carry West Nile Virus, Triple E, and most recently Zika. In fact, many people who are infected by disease carrying mosquitos don’t know it. Only 20% of those infected develop symptoms, which makes it even more important to reduce your risk of getting bit.

Pest Pros, based in Pocasset, has served the Cape and South Shore since 1999 “We’ve definitely seen an uptick in people having their yards sprayed for mosquitos and ticks. With the recent rain and hot days there has been a surge of mosquitos out. Homes on the Cape near marshlands tend to have a bigger problems with mosquitos,” said Kenny Hermenegildo, General Manager of Pest Pros. The treatment is easy and effective. The outer perimeter of a customer’s lawn is fogged with a fine mist which kills mosquitos on contact. “Mosquitos generally don’t fly long distances at time, so in order for them to enter your lawn, they’ll stop at the treated areas which prevent them from going any further.” The product is water based and dries in a relatively short time, 30-45 mins. After drying, the area is safe for people and pets. Although the product will create a barrier against mosquitos coming into the yard, Hermenegildo warned that after treatment customers should still take precautions. Mosquitos are generally attracted to standing water even in gutters and bird baths.

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Yard Tips for Mosquitoes

  1. The most important thing you can do to discourage mosquitoes is address any standing water. Common culprits are garbage cans without lids, buckets, tarp covers, backed up gutters and un-chlorinated children’s pools.
  2. Dense vegetation around the house or recreational areas.
  3. Making sure window and door screens are intact.

Ticks are a huge concern for anyone living on the Cape. With the recent invasion of the Lone Star Tick and Deer Tick, the need to protect yourself and your pet has never been greater. In fact, since the late 1990s, the number of reported Lyme disease cases in the US has more than tripled. If you are going into a wooden area or an area with tall grass, it’s recommended that you wear long pants and long sleeves. “I always recommend that people check themselves and their pets before going indoors,” said Hermenegildo. In addition, Pest Pros says it’s important to do your part to keep your lawn unattractive to ticks.

Yard Tips for Ticks

  1. Remove Leaf Litter
  2. Clear tall grass and brush around edge of lawn
  3. Mow lawn frequently
  4. Remove clutter of any kind. (trash, wood piles, yard debris)
  5. Discourage unwelcome animals (deer, raccoons, stray cats, etc)
  6. Place a 3 ft barrier of gravel or wood chips around recreational areas in yard to avoid tick migration.

Pest Pros often bundles the mosquito and tick treatment together. The same fine particle spray is placed lower around the perimeter in order to prevent ticks from entering the yard. A barrier is sprayed where a potential tick habitat (woods, brush, etc.) meets your lawn. Unlike the mosquito spray, this product is sprayed lower to the ground where ticks travel. “The evolution of products has been amazing. People are seeing it really gets results, so it’s more and more in demand,” explained Hermenegildo, “The number one reason people contact us for tick treatment is concern for health. There’s a real desire to keep yourself and your pets safe.”

If you are interested creating a pest free lawn at your house and protecting yourself and pets from ticks and mosquitos, contact Pest Pros in Pocasset. Pest Pros offer free inspections and service Cape Cod, Plymouth, and the South Shore.

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