Will You Help Lacey Find a Home?

Meet Lacey! We call her Lacey-Loo! She is almost two years old and likely a cattle dog mix. One thing is for sure – she’s ALL love. In her previous home, Lacey lived mostly outside, which didn’t allow her to socialize with people and dogs very much. Since being with the MSPCA-Cape Cod, she’s been spayed and trained with lots of rewards-based reinforcement. Lacey will do anything for a yummy treat! One of her favorite activities is fetching tennis balls and running around the yard. She leaps in the air like she won the lottery! Sometimes Lacey gets so excited that she jumps on people, which she realizes isn’t very polite. But don’t lose faith – Lacey is an eager student and can learn better manners. She cannot go home with other dogs and will unfortunately never be a dog park or free-on-the-beach kinda pup. Lacey likes to chase small animals, so no cats or rabbits please! No young kids, given her high energy – she doesn’t want to knock anyone down. Finally, Lacey needs a very experienced home that has the time for her and promises to continue rewards based training. Lacey sleeps through the night, doesn’t snore much, and will be the most loyal friend you ever had. Please give her a second chance.

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Looking for a Pet?

The MSPCA Cape Cod has dogs and cats that need good homes! Please visit their location in Centerville! Each week, CapeCod.com, in conjunction with 99.9 the Q, picks an animal and tries to help find a home for that animal. See below for all the animals that we’ve helped and that are available still!