Study Finds Ecosystems Taking Longer to Recover from Drought

FALMOUTH - A new study from a Woods Hole Research Center scientist has found that ecosystems are taking progressively longer to recover from droughts … [Read more...]

WHOI Hosts Event Celebrating 40th Anniversary of Discovery of Deep-Sea Hot Springs

WOODS HOLE - The discovery of lush communities of deep-sea life at thermal springs on the seafloor in 1977 forever changed our perception of … [Read more...]

WHOI Scientist Recognized for Distinguished Research

WOODS HOLE - A scientist with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has been recognized for her research. Andone Lavery, an associate scientist … [Read more...]

WHOI Scientists Unveil New Robot to Speed Ocean Sampling

WOODS HOLE - Officials at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have unveiled the world's first underwater vehicle designed specifically to collect … [Read more...]

12 Signs You Grew Up on Cape Cod

Growing up on Cape Cod is a unique experience. True Cape Codders don't come on weekends or just for the summer. They are on Cape long after the last … [Read more...]

WHOI Ocean Science Exhibit Extends August Hours

WOODS HOLE - The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Ocean Science Exhibit Center is extending its hours to include Sundays during the month of … [Read more...]

WHOI Selects New President and Dean for Academic Programs

WOODS HOLE - The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has selected Dr. Meg Tivey as the next Vice President and Dean for Academic Programs. Tivey … [Read more...]

Woods Hole Exhibit Features Work of Environmental Photographer

WOODS HOLE - The work of an environmental photographer is on display at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Ocean Science Exhibit … [Read more...]

Actress Karen Allen Directs Film Featured in Woods Hole Film Festival

WOODS HOLE - The 26th edition of the Woods Hole Film Festival kicks off on Saturday. More than 130 films from Mashpee to Maine and South … [Read more...]

SEA Professor Co-authors First Analysis of Plastic Waste

WOODS HOLE - For the first time ever, a study has been published tracing world-wide production, use, and disposal of plastics. The piece was … [Read more...]

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