Cape Cod Tides – Up To Date Tide Information

The rise and fall of sea levels are called tides. These tides are caused by both gravitational forces by the rotation of the Earth as well as the Moon and the Sun.

Locations across the globe experience different types of tides on their shorelines, both semi-diurnal tide and diurnal tide. Semi-diurnal tide is two high and low tides each day which are practically equal. Diurnal tide is only one high and low tide each day.

There are various stages that a tide goes through and follows as such:

  • Flood tide – The intertidal zone is covered as the sea level rises.
  • High tide – The water rises to its highest level.
  • Ebb tide – The sea level falls to reveal the intertidal zone.
  • Low tide – Finally the water stops falling, reaching its lowest point.

Click on any of the locations below to find the specific tidal information.

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