One injured in Dennis Port house fire

– Firefighters from Dennis, Yarmouth, Harwich and Brewster were called to a house fire at 171A Sea Street in Dennis Port around 5:10 a.m Sunday. They worked quickly to keep embers from the fire from spreading to a nearby house. Everyone made it our safely but one person was transported to Cape Cod Hospital by Dennis Rescue for leg burns that were not life threatening. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Dennis Fire and Police departments.
Photos by Kevin Morley/CWN


  1. They are not investigating it and the “burn victim” was just served with eviction papers a couple days ago. There is so much more to this story and no one cares.

  2. says

    And the evicted tenant got away with setting the fire because the police and fire believed it was an accident that he caught a gas can on fire while fixing a chain saw at 5:00 in the morning after neighbors already saw him remove his possessions from the premises two days before. So glad I don’t live in Dennis! My police and fire fighter friends couldn’t believe this story. And the neighbors witnessed him removing propane tanks from the scene the afternoon of the fire. I wrote to the paper and no one responded. I left several messages for the state fire investigators and they have not returned my calls.

    • Valerie Gould says

      Sad that they posed the investigation a few hours after it had been deemed suspicious. The tenement was rushed by ambulance only to leave before he allowed the doctors to treat him. The police went to ask him more questions and he was gone.. Evidently, he felt it more important to return to the studio with two friends to retrieve some items. Even though there were no stairs and it was considered dangerous inside, the tenent and his friends used an old ladder,,,,, And were scene throughout various items; such as white propane gas tanks kerosene lanterns…suitcase and God knows what else. The witnesses called the police once more , returned to fire scene and sat at the end of the long driveway to observe.. The owner was in Boston hospital during this and had not been told about the fire. After all she had just been diagnosed with stage three cancer,, buried her boyfriend After four years battling cancer,,,went to Florida to recover from a bout of pneumonia . Only to return to a car missing and home robbed. And tenent who would not communicate or start paying rent. The senior had to return and sleep on couch…..ill ……while squatters by now six months …..not a cent ( only lies and broken promises to pay or leave) After all she had taken him in while he was gaining strength from chemo,,, and known for her compassion.( there by the grace of God). Finally she served him ; first notice to quit….then eviction papers.( right before the gas can exploded )… Why he was there at 5 am with a chain saw…..why he removed all his valuable tools prior to fire .He had built a toolbox into the stairs to the studio for all his valuable tools to be locked or chained to the stairs. However, they were removed prior to fire ; as most of all his processions were ) the toolbox had no tools but it did have spray paints and plastic gas can containing gas. ?? When owner questioned the officials she was getting vague story and referred to various officials and when she did call individuals ( which was suggested her calls were not returned.. and when she did get an update told tenent came in approx week in. Half ..told a different story such as where how etc the fire started ……the original interview was tossed. She did get one return call and notice from building inspector……..stating cease etc…Supposedly around Aug 10 ( the first notice was served) the health and building inspector decided to check on a septic. And discovered an illegal apartment. Funny the septic was just upgraded to a title five….the so called illegal apartment was over thirty years old. Build by husband who had legal licenses and inspections when remodeling in 1981.Her licenced contractor was Buddy Gould ( awarded employee of the year in late 90 early 2000. And how do I KNOW all this,,,because I am the victim left to clean up with no insurance ….I am the owner .. ..widow…..Valerie Gould…….and if baffled,, ,,shocked,,,,,( as most are) contact me …..This is about much more than a fire. Whom might I ad, asked the inspector if he saw all the flammable s strewn about the studio and been up there.He replied “no why would I go up there. ? No reason to” Perhaps, not after the fire but remember on the 10th, he checked out illegal apartment. One would have to go in there as the outside structure ( as well as inside ) has been the same for approx thirty years. Family used to stay in it. Funny if they had entered would they have seen all the flammable?? I was not allowed in my studio since Feb . Over six months……..!!! Suspicious ???????? Contact me……unbelievable? There is so much more……..

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