Video: Two seriously injured in Route 6A Brewster crash

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BREWSTER – At approximately 4:20 p.m. on Thursday, Brewster Fire-Rescue and Brewster Police were dispatched to a two-vehicle crash on Main Street (Route 6A) in the area of the Cape Cod Sea Camps.

Upon arrival, first responders found a Toyota RAV4 on Main Street near the intersection with Millstone Road. It had heavy front- and driver-side damage and the injured operator was still in the vehicle.

Approximately 300 to 400 feet farther east on Main Street, an older model Jeep Wagoner with heavy driver- and passenger-side damage had rolled over onto the driver’s side, with the operator trapped in the vehicle. The first arriving fire officer requested the availability of MedFlight.

After stabilizing both vehicles and evaluating the patients, firefighters determined MedFlight was not needed.

A quick roof roll back was performed on the Jeep and the patient was packaged and removed to a waiting ambulance for further treatment and transport to Cape Cod Hospital. The driver of the RAV4 was treated in the car, packaged on a backboard and removed to a waiting ambulance for transport. Both operators appeared to have sustained serious but not life-threatening injuries. Because a utility pole was grazed by the Jeep, Eversource was called to the scene to ensure the pole and attached wires were safe.

Brewster Police shut down Main Street between Millstone Road and Deer Road in both directions until the vehicles could be removed and the large debris field cleaned up. The accident is under investigation by the Brewster Police Department.

Reporting, photos and video by CWN associate Craig Chadwick


  1. What is with the intersection of Millstone & 6A? It seems that there is a crash there, or thereabouts, every week. Sounds like a speed limit reduction is in order. When 6A gets rural, people speed up. A 40-45mph speed limit is too high, because that means traffic is moving at 50-55mph. And it’s a semi-blind corner to the left as you come down Millstone. Time to set the speed limit down for that intersection, and install some blinking lights to alert drivers to the intersection.

  2. Adding to what Eric said above: Millstone Road has become a major thoroughfare connecting Route 6A and Route 137. There are visibility issues entering 6A caused by hills, curves, hedges and at certain times of day blinding sun at dawn and sunset. In summertime, the situation is further complicated by the Rail Trail crossing and bicyclists entering Millstone from 6A. A safety study is surely in order.


  3. I just drive accordingly, it’s a dangerous intersection. Pretty simple actually.

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