Yarmouth Police to hold forum on how to deal with active shooter/hostile event situations

YARMOUTH – The Yarmouth Police Department, in partnership with the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce, will host a  training session Tuesday, March 21, from 9 am to 11:30 am on how to deal with an active shooter or hostile event situation.

The training is called CRASE, which stands for Civilian Response to Active Shooter/Hostile events (ASHE).

The nationally recognized program was developed in conjunction with the Department of Justice and Texas State University.

Organizers said they will look at the Virginia Tech School shooting and review data from a study conducted by the FBI from 2000 to 2013 on active shooter events.

Participants are expected to have a better understanding of what happens during such an event and what preparations can be done now to protect themselves in advance.

The program will be presented by Yarmouth Police Lt. Kevin Lennon, a 26-year law enforcement veteran who has been teaching active shooter response at the recruit, veteran and reserve officer level since 2002.

Lennon is also a Level 4 instructor with the Municipal Police Training Committee and has trained thousands of police officers in Patrol Response to Active Shooter.

The course is free and will take place at Yarmouth Police Headquarters.

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