Do You Really Need to Walk 10,000 Steps a Day?

HYANNIS - Where did the idea that you need 10,000 steps a day for optimal health come from? Is it based on scientific research? It turns out the … [Read more...]

Is There a Link Between Vaping and Lung Disease?

HYANNIS - A recent nationwide spate of severe lung disease has the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, and health officials in several states, … [Read more...]

How Long Should You Wait Between Babies?

HYANNIS - That’s a real cute baby you have there. When are you going to have another? More than a few parents have been asked that question or … [Read more...]

Is Your Life Situation Affecting Your Health?

HYANNIS - You may have heard the term ‘population health’ coming up in discussions around healthcare. Population health is exactly what it sounds like … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Unstick a Tick

HYANNIS - Forget about fire, ice, goo or any other old tales you’ve heard about removing a tick that’s bitten you. There’s a simple way to get the job … [Read more...]

Parents Have Homework, Too, When School Starts

HYANNIS - Paperwork for the school nurse can be an arduous task but it will help to keep your child healthy and safe throughout the school … [Read more...]

Artificial Sweeteners: Not Such a Sweet Thing

HYANNIS - Most people who use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar do it for weight control or because they have diabetes. But new research shows … [Read more...]

Cape Alzheimer’s Patients Now Have Better Access to Clinical Trials

HYANNIS - One of the goals of the new Memory Care Center at Neurologists of Cape Cod in Hyannis is for every patient on the Cape over the age of 65 to … [Read more...]

Is Heart Failure a Death Sentence?

HYANNIS - Last year, Orleans resident Paul Peloquin’s health was failing. Over a six-week period, the 72-year-old experienced worsening shortness of … [Read more...]

Green Up and Keep Your Brain Younger

HYANNIS - Spinach won’t make your muscles bulge like Popeye’s biceps, but it is one of the leafy green vegetables that were linked to brain health in … [Read more...]
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