Finding the Key to Power & Consistency with Your Irons

Topped, thin, bladed, chili-dipped and heavy. Every golfer has experienced those types of ugly shots. And every golfer would like to hit their irons with more power and consistency. The secret is to make certain the club head is descending at the point of impact. So how do you achieve that?Golf

Just break on through to the other side.

Unlock the Door

Think of your first move into the ball as breaking through a locked door. You wouldn’t do it by slightly bumping your lead hip into the door. That would lack power and push your spine backwards, creating an ascending blow. Proper weight shift is equally crucial when hitting a golf ball. Visualize your first move into the ball on the downswing with your front shoulder and hip shifting toward the target, using your feet for leverage.

Carry That Weight

Try to feel the sensation of your forward foot pushing down onto the ground, as if it’s crushing a grape.

In order to achieve a descending blow, more weight must be on the forward foot. The trick is: How do you accomplish that? If 20 percent of your weight was transferred to your back foot during the backswing, then a little more needs to move through that invisible door on the downswing. It is the only way to finish on your forward foot.

Finish Strong

Hold your finish after completing the swing and take note of how your body is positioned. Is it leaning back and away from the target? If so, you didn’t break through the door. Is your lead hip protruding beyond your lead shoulder? Then you merely bumped the door.
Remember: crush that grape with your feet and you’ll crush your irons.

Article published in summer 2014 issue of New England Golf & Leisure.
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