Piping Plovers Make Their Seasonal Return!

Sections of beaches across the Cape will be designated Piping Plover habitat areas as they make their seasonal return to mate and produce their young. To human beach-goers this may be an inconvenience, but if one takes the time to learn about these small shorebirds and all the obstacles they endure to stay alive as a species it’s really amazing and we should do what we can to increase their chance for survival. One area Plovers return to is the Nauset Barrier Beach that stretches for miles from Orleans into Chatham…traveling out there with Paul Wightman ( from Chatham’s Department of Natural Resources) is an insightful and very educational journey…his vast knowledge on the area’s wildlife and habitats is based on years of hands-on experience…this season is even more challenging due to all the recent storms and how they effected the terrain. The Plovers arrive around the second week of April and, if all goes well, have mated & hatched their young by early June…Plovers like soft sandy areas with very little vegetation… sometimes that area is where people drive and camp on the beach, setting up designated driving areas is relatively easy compared to –Wildlife (fox, coyote, crows etc.) who are Plovers main concerns as they will eat the eggs and do not follow any rules… Wightman and other Natural Resource agents are now on the beach almost daily looking for Plovers and when they know the location of the “scrape” & eggs they can set up protective exclosures….I hope to continue this story once eggs are seen and exclosures are set up…. Stay tuned!

Piping Plovers Make Their Seasonal Return!

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These Plovers will mate over the next few weeks...the female will lay 4 eggs (one every other day)...approximately 28 days later they will hatch...the young will soon be on their own...

By Spencer Kennard

As a child, spending summers in North Truro, I thought Cape Cod began at the Wellfleet Drive-In and ended at Provincetown. As a photographer, I now know that all the Cape towns leading to the canal have their own unique beauty and charm.

Roughly 30 years ago, I had the good fortune to work with the legendary photographer Dick Kelsey and as owner of Kelsey-Kennard have specialized in aerial photography as well as landscape/scenic, portraits, weddings, and photographing events on the Cape, the Islands, and beyond.

Photographs from our Gallery in Chatham are displayed in homes and businesses locally and world-wide.

Besides photography I also enjoy boating/ fishing (fish are usually very safe when I’m out there,) gardening and tennis. Cape Cod is a very special place and I look forward to sharing my images with you as I travel about.

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