10 Fun Activities for Toddlers

Like many of you, my child is unexpectedly not in school. I’m lucky in the sense that we have childcare sorted. My husband works for a university and was already on leave after the birth of our daughter. However, we relied on part-time nursery, library story hours, and play groups for socialization and much-needed energy release for a curious, active toddler.

I’ve put together a few ideas for fun with toddlers in the age of social distancing.

1) Walks
Obviously going for a walk is a no-brainer. We live in a beautiful area of the world. Thankfully, the weather has been mild. There are so many amazing trails and beaches on Cape Cod. A quick internet search can take you to an area of natural beauty you’ve probably never been before.

2) Make a Collage
My mother would do this with old magazines and junk mail. She would encourage us to make a collage based on a color or a letter. We would hunt through and find things that started with the letter L. All you need is glue sticks, safety scissors and that pile of magazines you never got around to reading.

3) Indoor Obstacle Course
Lean into the fact that they are already climbing the walls and turn your living room into a fun activity zone with tunnels and forts made out of blankets.

4) Baking
My toddler loves to help in the kitchen, whether it’s doing the dishes (aka playing in the sink) or cooking. He absolutely loves to mix and pour and then watch it through the window in the oven. Decorating is always fun too! We’re also making our own pizzas and building burritos – anything that small hands can create and kids can feel proud that they did it themselves.

5) Start a Rock Collection
For some reason, my little one is obsessed with rocks, so we’ve started collecting rocks during walks or even in the back yard. It’s amazing how, when given something to look for, he gets so engrossed in the challenge.

6) Virtual Visits
While many places are closed, they’re still streaming online. The Hippos at the Cincinnati Zoo are our personal favorites at the moment.

7) Indoor Cinema
If you’re going to watch TV, make it an event. My older son recently told me his favorite Christmas memory involved me setting up a “home movie theater” and putting on Christmas movies on the last day of school before Christmas vacation. Really, I just dimmed the lights set up blankets and pillow, made a tray of fun snacks, and hot cocoa, but it made a huge impact.

8) Picnic
Many places including Barnstable School District and Dennis-Yarmouth School District are offering grab-and-go meals for kids. Why not take yours for a picnic lunch at one of the beautiful spots on Cape Cod?

9) Finger Face Painting
I’m seriously the least crafty person in the world, but the best part about toddlers is that they don’t mind. If you have enthusiasm and fun about a project, they’ll join right in. Put out some paper in case they’d rather finger paint on paper. Bonus points if you let them paint your face. Be prepared for LOTS of giggles.

10) Make Your Own Sock Puppet and Put on a Show
Again, you don’t have to be Martha Stewart for you toddler to love their sock puppet. You can just grab a marker and draw a face and ears or glue on a cut-out of their favorite cartoon character. They’ll spend ages chasing you with that puppet.

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