3 Month Milestone

KarenBlakeIt’s been 3 months since I’ve been on the Ideal protein Diet and I have lost 31 pounds. Obviously that’s a little over 10 pounds a month! I’ll take that! I have to be honest it hasn’t even been very hard.

Ideal protein is a low carb diet focused around healthy protein to burn fat. Most people lose 10-15 pounds a month! It’s easy to stay on because it’s all balanced out in a very specific way…so your body is not craving anything.

I eat a pretty good sized dinner…like fish, beef, lobster, shrimp etc…

For breakfast I have Ideal Protein Oatmeal…sometimes I have an IP pancake…it’s delicious.  There are many more foods they offer as well that are very tasty and satisfying.

When I first began Ideal Protein…I bought their cookbook and I am so happy I did because it keeps things interesting. I make casseroles, muffins, and all types of desserts.

I would recommend the Ideal Protein Diet to all my friends. It works and it’s not boring…and sometimes that’s why people fall off their diets.

I go to the Ideal Protein location in the Centerville Shopping Center Jessica and Meghan are the best!

Karen Blake is the host for The Karen & Ralphie Morning Show weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m. on The Q (WQRC 99.9 FM), Cape Cod’s Fresh Mix.

About Karen Blake

Karen Blake is the host for The Karen & Ralphie Morning Show weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m. on The Q (WQRC 99.9 FM), Cape Cod’s Fresh Mix.


  1. Belinda Jameson says

    WOW well done!! IM doing the ethosien diet which is high protein and ive lost 36 lbs in the last 3-3 1/2 months. KEEP GOING

  2. good for you. i tried it to, and after a while i got tired of eating 3 cups of veggies 2x day…..not a big fan of taking 10 diff kinds of vitamins.

  3. Congratulations Karen!!! I’ve been on it since February 16th, and have lost 70 lbs. I’m so glad that I found the diet, I love the ease of it-as long as I do a little prep work, it’s really quite simple. I’ve tried new variations of veggies that I probably wouldn’t have tried in the past, and have liked just about all of the IP foods that I have tried. Sure, it’s pricey, BUT when I really figured out what I used to spend on food that wasn’t doing me any favors- in the end- it’s really not a serious increase. I love my coaches at the Centerville clinic- they are knowledgeable, helpful and great cheerleaders.

  4. I did Ideal Protein in started February 2012 and lost 30 pounds. Kept it off since and best thing i ever did. It works so great. Good luck. Stick to it and before you know it you will be on phase 4.

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