A Tale of Two Centuries

Do you miss the days of yore? No, I’m not talking about churning your own butter or reading by candle light, but lately I find myself continually reaching back to a simpler way of life – pre-24/7 connectivity.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the technology age that we live in. I like having virtually everything I need right at my fingertips. (Although I secretly hate that my kids simply have to say “Hey Google” to find an answer to something that I had to dig through the Encyclopedia Britannica to find!) I love having billions of new recipes that I can call up at whim depending on what I feel like for dinner any given night. My custom playlist of my favorite music and artists ensures that I can have the perfect mix of music on demand to fit any occasion. Someday, when I hit one of those mega millions jackpots, I’m going to have all those cute little robots to vacuum, mop and weed my flower beds. Is there no limit to how easy technology can make our lives?

Occasionally, something happens to remind me of a simpler time – this time, it was fruit flies. Those obnoxious little buggers hitched a ride into my home via my produce. Talk about an aerial attack! These little flying menaces tripled in population in a nano-second! That’s when I went old school. Now I’m sure there are products on the market to blast fruit flies from existence, but I try to avoid chemicals in the kitchen, so out came the retro home remedy – apple cider vinegar and dish detergent. Any respectable granny knows this tried and true fruit fly nabber. It felt only fitting to bust out my Ball jar, since I was officially going old school.

A little recycled funnel completed my ultimate fruit fly trap. My hubby called it the ‘funnel of death’, because it was so effective, we were rid of fruit flies within two days.

Sure, it was silly, but the simplest of concoctions made me think of my childhood and how SIMPLE life can be. It’s like those nights when my kids want to have a ‘family game night’, where we bust out the board games and be silly. Handheld electronics could never compare to the memories made during family game nights. I highly recommend playing it old school occasionally in this age of faster, more powerful, ultra-sophisticated technology – it might just surprise you how rewarding it is!

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