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I have developed a strange habit. I have heard people say they do this when they have multiple children, but I’ve never heard anyone with multiple pets admit to it.

I have the worst time remembering all of my animals names when I’m trying to address them! I have four cats and a puppy, so five animals in total. It’s kind of a lot, but they don’t have difficult names to remember, and none of them look like one another. So what the heck is my problem?

It starts in the morning each day, when I am getting all of their food ready. The cats will be meowing and the dog barking, so… I answer them! I’ll talk to them and address them by name, but I constantly get the names wrong! Jack (pictured above) is a medium-sided tiger striped kitty, who holds zero resemblance to his brother Oliver (also pictured above), who is a large gray and white kitty. My other two cats are girls, Frances is very petite and all black, Gracie is small but incredibly fluffy and tiger striped like Jack, but with feminine facial features. None of them look or act like one another, yet I will call them by another animal’s name by accident, constantly. My dog Nigel is the only dog in the house, he’s not even the same species as the other animals, yet he gets called someone else’s name every single day.

My weird habit drives my husband nuts, ‘what the heck is wrong with you?’ he asks me, every single day. ‘I don’t know!!’ I respond, laughing each time.

The poor animals that live with us, if they understood English, they would each have a massive identity crisis.

This didn’t happen to me growing up, because it was just my brother and I, and I don’t remember my mom ever calling us by the wrong name. We had dogs growing up and I don’t remember ever calling them by the other’s name by accident. Am I losing my mind, or does this happen to anyone else, with pets, kids or anything else in life?

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Loren Petisce is the Midday Host on 99.9 The Q and Afternoon Host on Cape Country 104.

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