Making the Best of An Uncomfortable Situation

KarenBlakeIn this Political climate with women coming out to speak of alleged encounters with a certain “Politician”” it actually got me thinking about how something similar happen to me.

I was on my way to a radio awards show in Washington, D.C. I was actually up for a national award “major market air personality of the year”…anyway…I was in line waiting to check my suitcase and the guy in front of me was obviously doing the same. He was a pro baseball player… (I don’t think I should say his name) he was checking a bunch of bats and things. He kept turning around making small talk with me like “where exactly are you going” “why are going to D.C.” “do you have a boyfriend” etc…he told me he was on the same flight. I could tell he was stalling after he checked his bag just waiting for me to check my bag and start walking.

Well, he continued asking questions one of which was “where are you sitting on the plane” I said in coach. He was sitting in first class. I have to say he was making me very uncomfortable. He was asking too many questions…getting to close to me etc… We finally boarded the plane. I go my way and he goes his way. Then it happened…before the plane took off he walks back to coach and asks me if I want to move up and sit next to him…that the seat next to him was empty. I said “no, I’m fine” well, when I tell you he just wouldn’t stop asking…he was making a scene…getting louder and louder. I stayed in my original seat. The plane took off. Then it happened again…he came back to where I was sitting and asked me to move up with him again. This time it was almost worse because the plane was quieter and everyone was focused on him. I was horrified. “come sit next to me” I really didn’t know what to do…after 5 minutes or so I got up and sat with him. I needed to stop the madness.

So, I go sit with him and he asks me for my phone number…I said not right now. He asked me about the ring I was wearing….it was a diamond cocktail ring…he asked to see it closer and told me to take it off. After a while I took off my ring (I know it was stupid but in the moment I almost felt like I had to do it to shut this guy up) He said he wouldn’t give me my ring back unless I gave him my phone number. Well this went on and on the entire flight and even after we landed. I finally wrote down “a number” got my ring back and ran for the hills.
It’s not that I wouldn’t have wanted a man to pursue me but he was just so pushy and over the top it turned me off.

So when some people say “gee why didn’t this woman just leave or just stop his advances” sometimes it’s just hard and you use your best judgment at the time. It still doesn’t mean the guy had any right to do what he did and make a woman feel uneasy or worse!

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