My Sunday Project: Building A Freestanding Closet


About a month ago, I bought a freestanding closet from  I like to read reviews before I buy things online, and for this product most of the reviews were good, but a few were less than stellar.  The not-so-great reviews mentions things like ‘poor quality’, ‘difficult to put together’, but I thought for $50 bucks and 20% off with my coupon, it was worth it.

The package arrived within a few days and I procrastinated hard about putting this thing together, so it sat in it’s box in my kitchen for about a month.  Finally, I decided yesterday would be the day I’d build this closet.  I dragged it upstairs into the room it would be living, and got started.  Usually, I hate reading directions, but this thing had many parts to it, so I knew I’d need them.

Things started out so well, I thought ‘man this thing is super easy to build!’, however, that was an incredibly short-lived sentiment.  As time went on, this project became something I wished I’d never bought and I wanted to throw it straight into the trash can.

First of all, when going through all of the pieces that were all labeled with letters from the alphabet, and matching them with what the directions said, I learned that I had no “F” pieces.  I did have 5 “H’s” though, even though my project only called for 3 of those.  Now, what I could have done was put everything back in the box and send it back claiming I didn’t have the proper equipment to build this closet.  I did not do that though, because I hate returning things, especially things I purchase online.  So I continued on, hoping everything would work itself out…and it did eventually, but not before I yelled every swear word I could think of at this inanimate object.

Now, the directions weren’t the best, they kind of looked like they were drawn haphazardly by a middle schooler.  I was thankful that they were in English though, and not in 7 other languages like some stores, ahem, I’m talking to you Ikea.

The thing is, the pieces they provided me with had big holes on one side and small holes on the other, and the directions didn’t explain which side went where, so it was basically trial and error on my part, lots of error.  These pieces weren’t easy to pull apart either.  Once I thought I had the correct piece interlocked with another correct piece, I pushed them together so they would stay.  It was only then I’d realize I had the wrong piece (“D” and “E” looked exactly the same in my defense) or put the piece on the wrong way facing the wrong hole.  As soon as I thought I’d overcome my last hurdle with this thing and there was no way I could make any more mistakes interlocking the pieces, I made another one.

I stopped this project three times to take a break and calm down because it was making me so angry.  I also contemplated calling my Dad to come over and help me.  I’m sure he would have, but he’s not the fastest moving person on the planet (I totally take after him in that way), so I knew I’d finish this dumb closet before he even made it to my house (which is only ten minutes from his).  So I continued on and finally, I finished putting together this terrible closet.  My hands were all cut up and swollen from all the times I had to take apart wrong pieces.  I figured once I was done building this closet, I’d want to fill it with clothes and shoes like it’s intended to hold.  NOPE.  I was done with this thing.  I went downstairs, sat in front of the TV with my dog, ate some jalapeno poppers and watched ’13 Going On 30′ on Netflix, (which by the way, is a very cute movie if you’re a fan of Jennifer Garner).

Maybe next week I’ll take on the task of actually using this closet that I spend an entire Sunday afternoon building!  These little projects always seem like great ideas, until reality sets in and they turn into BIG projects and terrible ideas!  Oy.

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