My New Guilty Pleasure: I Love To Hate


SeanDohertyYou’re probably thinking “50 Shades of Grey” right? No, and get your minds out of the gutter. To really understand this story I have to fill you in on a few key facts:

1)      In spring of 1993 NBC launched the sitcom, “Friends.” The official tag line was the following: This hit sitcom follows the merry misadventures of six 20-something pals as they navigate the pitfalls of work, life and love in 1990s Manhattan.

2)      In the spring of 1993, I was six years old.

Ok, so now you can understand why I’m a little tardy to this party, but let’s cut to the present day…I’m 28 years old. Many of my friends are 28 and some live in New York City.

How can anyone relate to this show? Six people who supposedly have jobs live next door to each other and are always together!? Not only that, they’re always together not working.

Yes, the show is funny. Yes, it is fun to see Jennifer Aniston’s original chin, but seriously, how did anyone in the 90s believe this was a reality?

My friends who are in their 20s who live in NYC have apartments the size of shoes. They work 80-hour work weeks to afford such apartments and certainly do not have time to meet up with five other people multiple times a day!?

Maybe I’m being too critical. My mother tells me that’s why I’m not in a committed relationship—but she’s divorced so what does she know.

But I can’t stop hating on what some consider an American National Treasure.

Why am I writing about a 1993 show in 2015? Because it just came out on Netflix and I cannot stop watching it. I’ll keep you updated and let you know how this “Ross and Rachel” thing ends up. Oh wait, you already know because the show ended 11 years ago.

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