Normally I Dread Spring Cleaning…

Normally I dread spring cleaning because does anyone REALLY enjoy the deep dive into cleaning? How does so much dust get on the ceiling fan blades anyway? And all the cobwebs… If you read my last blog you know my allergy woes, so kicking up dust and dirt is not a process I venture into willingly. But as my Mom before me, this is why I had children. (I says only partially joking). I’m instilling a good work ethic in them one Swiffer and cleaning wipe at a time.

(I start them early, it’s an old picture)

I have a feeling spring cleaning is going to take me ALL summer. I like this checklist. Do you use a checklist, keep on top of your cleaning so you don’t have to do a massive spring cleaning, or just sweep it under the rug where no one can see it?

Happy cleaning!

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