Pollen – It Is Public Enemy #1

Allergy sufferers know my pain. Why do some people have no reactions to seasonal allergies and others (like me) turn into a walking/talking allergy mess?

This time of year when the pollen is thick in the air, I just want to hide inside. I love to have the windows in my house open, and drive with the windows down blowing in my hair, but I know I do those things at the expense of my allergies. I recently went through allergy testing with my daughter, so have a fresh new understanding of seasonal allergies, and am quite thankful that she only has mild reactions to a few things. Me, on the other hand, dust, mold, animals, grass – you name it, I’m most likely allergic to it. I joke that someday I’m going to get a bubble for when I’m having a particularly bad episode. This week has been one of those weeks. 99.9 the Q and Cape Country 104 listeners might have noticed that I’ve been stuffed up or occasionally had a squeaky voice, but what you cant see is my freakish red, itchy eye. In a moment of weakness, I rubbed my eye, and it felt so good I kept rubbing. Now I have ONE red, watery, even more itchy eye. (They both look a little red in this shot. 🙁 ) Thank goodness it’s radio!

If you are a fellow sufferer, just hang in there, pollen will subdue sooner or later. And a word to the wise, don’t rub your eyes! Here are some suggested home remedies if you are in dire need of relief.

If you have questions or would like to share your allergy relief secrets with me, you can email me at [email protected]

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