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As the year winds down, and the holidays approach…I have a lot on my mind. I like this time of year, but I also cannot wait for it to be January 1st! With that being said (cue sound effect of squeaky door opening to resemble the top of my head opening. Lets see what going on in there…

I am thrilled it is 60 degrees as I type this. I know it’s Cape Cod and its supposed to be cold, but i will take this warmth any day!!

I have not done much Christmas shopping as of yet. I did get Dawn’s gift, and I hope she likes it!

Speaking of Dawn, my kids and I are looking forward to spending time with her and her family over the holidays.

The Patriots are on fire which stinks for this Jets fan. My son is thrilled.

I am already getting tired of the political ads on TV.

Can anyone tell me that this “Winter Finale” stuff on TV is all about?? I an not thrilled that the three shows I watch “NCIS” “NCIS:New Orleans” and “Blue Bloods” are going away.

Have I ever shared that I swear by Secret deodorant?? it is strong enough for a man. Been using it for years.

I miss my daughter Adrienne and my son Reilly. They live in NOLA and Denver respectively. They will be staying there for Christmas and will be missed.

I really, really REALLY need to lose weight. I am going to try now, and not wait for all the “New Year, New Me” nonsense.

I enjoy working with my friend Karen everyday. It’s always a pleasure when you with your friends.

Seafood on Christmas Eve is a must. Although it makes me a little homesick if i am not home eating it.

That’s all for now….See ya soon!!



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