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RalphieBlog_2014_1103My Ex-Wife is always welcome in my home.

And that’s the way it should be.

If there are horrible circumstances that preclude that from happening, I am sorry for that, and I shall pray for you. This is for parents that are no longer together and don’t have the ability to suck it up for the kids.

This weekend, the kids’ mom came to see them and spend Halloween with the little ones, meet their teachers, and just be here for a few days as they needed to see their mom. They really miss her.

This blog isn’t the place to get into why we are where we are and why the kids are with me. It is to share things in my life that I’m sure others are going through too. It’s important for the kids to see that Mommy and Daddy can co-exist. Not perfectly at times, but can. I find it nothing less then revolting when parents fill the minds of their kids with awful opinions of the other parent. There are times when I am overwhelmed and would love to spew garbage. How can you? For better or worse (worse was in our marriage) they are OUR kids. I would never say some of the things my friends share with me that the other parent says. Do we all think these things? Probably. To fill our kids’ heads with them is obscene. Put that crap to the side and get along. Kids see, kids hear, kids KNOW!! Only a narcissist would do that. Get over it. Or don’t. But keep quiet.

I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. My older brother and sister are from my Dad’s first marriage. Their mother has been in mine, my younger brother and sisters life since we were born. Family events from Sunday birthday dinners to our weddings she was there. We love her. The point is that she was always welcome in our home.

Am I thrilled with it? At times eh. Last night I had to drag the kids mattresses in the bedroom she is using because my older son isn’t there. They were peacefully konked out next to their mom. It was great. The kids will have a rough few days because she is leaving. It is my job and duty to be kind and let them know mom is always welcome with us. We will always be a family. It will just expand as new people we love join us.

Trying to do the right thing is easier said then done. Try it though.

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