That Girl’s Blog: I Hope


I hope I never go numb to the world around me.

I hope, despite how horrible and sad and angry I feel waking up to the news of another act of violence, that I never grow comfortable reading the news.

I hope I cry everytime I see the images of crumpled lives.

I hope that at some point in my lifetime we won’t wake up to the news of another mass shooting or act of terrorism.


For now, I hope we continue to foster love and support for each other through these unimaginable acts. I hope we never forget the value of each and every life. I know a hug seems like a small offering on days of despair, but if it can give some bit of comfort, that is what I have to give.


About Cat Wilson

Cat Wilson is "That Girl" on Cape Country 104 – a Cape Cod native and longtime Cape radio personality. She is a passionate supporter of Military and Veteran causes on the Cape and also hosts local music spotlight program, “The Cheap Seats” on Ocean 104.7.

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