That Girl’s Blog: UPDATE ~ Shhh!!! She’s Still Out There!

I have good news!

After a full week in the cold and rain and snow, Lyoness, the 7 year old Newfoundland is still alive!

The bad news: She is still on the loose. Now before you grab a pocketful of treats and run out the door, please keep reading. I was able to text a bit with someone close to the search and the family has a request: Please give Lyoness some peace and quiet.

Lyoness went missing at lunch-time on February 10th. Her family has been searching woods and streets and back yards ever since. The entire town of Sandwich has been vigilant. There have been many sightings of this big girl (115lbs!), but no one has been able to wrangle her – including her owner.

The family, although very appreciative of the public’s help, is asking everyone to please ‘stand down’.

The hope is that if there are less people calling her name, tromping through woods and snow and less car traffic in the quiet neighborhoods, perhaps Lyoness will be able to relax a bit and allow someone she knows to approach her.

You have heard me talk about my unique dog Mazzy on the air? She is the exact same way. If she gets spooked she won’t come back until she calms down. Food, friends, other dogs… Nothing will help. The fact that Lyoness is still on the loose shows what a sturdy dog she is. She is probably very tired and hungry and not acting like herself.

If you happen to see Lyoness, PLEASE, do not call to her. Do not whistle. Do not approach her. Call the number on the posters and keep an eye on her:508-367-2526

We are all hoping for a happy ending to this story… Sometimes we just have to sit and wait… Or “Sit and Stay”.

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