Today, I Ran Down A Main Street Barefoot In A Suit…Here’s Why

So that sounds like an odd start to a story doesn’t it? Trust me, it’s not what I thought I’d be doing at 9 o’clock this morning! Well, here’s what happened…

A couple months ago, I got pulled over for speeding and got a ticket. I decided to fight it in court, and today was the court date. I did my best to get there early, but I’m not good at “early” and couldn’t find parking right away…so I arrived at court with about 8 minutes to spare, typical. When I walked in, there was a metal detector and of course as I walked through, it beeped. I said “Oh, it’s probably just my phone, it’s in my pocket.” The court security officer told me “No phones allowed.” I responded with “Oh, I’ll keep it on silent in my pocket”…that wasn’t good enough, as he responded with, “No, you have to go put it back in your car.” In my car?? In a last ditch effort to not have to run back to my car with just minutes to spare, I asked if he would hold it for me. He said no. Ok, back to the car I went, with the quickness!

As I got outside, I realized two things; one, it was COLD! (Only 27 degrees!) Two, I was never going to make it back to court in time if I walked gingerly in heels. So, off they went! I held them in my hands and started running down the street to my car, which was two parking lots away. By the way, did I mention that I had a ladies suit on? Well, I did. Having been to court a couple of times in my life, I have noticed that most people arrive looking like they just rolled out of bed, I don’t understand it, but that’s what they do. There are a few occasions one should ALWAYS dress up for: weddings, wakes, job interviews and court…but I digress.

So here comes this woman running down a main road in a suit, barefoot, bright pink pocketbook swinging in the breeze…ahh, it was quite the sight to see I’m sure. I get to my car, throw my phone in the center console, lock it back up and run back to the court house! Ok, so I mentioned it was 27 degrees…yeah, that does NOT feel good on bare feet! Finally, I get back inside, go through the metal detector sans cell phone, and take a seat on a bench, try to catch my breath and wait for my name to be called.

Fast forward to 45 minutes later, they let me go! Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe it! This was a pretty hefty speeding ticket, so I thanked the court magistrate profusely and got the hell out of there before he changed his mind. Slowly though, I drove away very slowly…no more speeding tickets for me!

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Loren Petisce is the Midday Host on 99.9 The Q and Afternoon Host on Cape Country 104.

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