What Sleeping In Makeup Does To Your Skin

I love makeup.  It’s one of my favorite things to spend money on.  When holidays or my birthday roll around, so do the Sephora gift cards from my friends and family.  I enjoy buying it, experimenting with it, wearing it and applying it on others.  You know what I don’t enjoy though?  Removing it.  When it comes to taking my makeup off at night before I go to bed, I get a straight up ‘F’ for failure on that.

Here’s my nightly routine: watch tv on the couch until I start to fall asleep, then drag my butt upstairs to bed.  By that time, I am barely making it up the stairs into bed, never mind into the bathroom with a makeup remover cloth in hand.

I used to go to sleep with my makeup on 7 nights a week.  Yikes!  I have gotten better, (aka a tad less lazy) but still, I go to bed with makeup still on at least 2-3 times a week.  I know I should wash my face first, I know leaving my makeup on is bad for my skin, but when I’m that tired, I just don’t care.

I have started to care a little bit more though, after recently reading an article about the effects of going to bed with my makeup still on.

Here’s what happens to your face when you don’t wash your makeup off:

Dry skin

Uneven skin tone

Dull texture


Clogged pores


Those things sound bad in and of themselves, but did you know all of those things together can make your skin age up to ten years!  That was the wakeup call for me.  I don’t want my makeup to age me even 1 minute, never mind ten years!

Now, don’t panic if you’re thinking omg, I sleep with my makeup on all the time too!  You can fix some of these problems before they get out of hand.  Start by removing your makeup nightly.  Make sure you’re moisturizing your face morning and night (I use coconut oil, it’s the best!).  Try to schedule a regular facial at the spa, or if a professional facial isn’t in the budget, go the DIY route!  For less than ten bucks, you can buy Indian Healing clay, it’s a great substitute for a spa facial.  I use it all the time, it’s just as good as a professional facial, and much more affordable!

Also, don’t forget to drink water!  I know, you hear it all the time, but truly, water is so important to having hydrated healthy skin.

So there you have it.  No more going to bed with your makeup on!  I’ve slowly started to get into a routine of taking it off every night and some days I skip makeup all together and that makes it really easy to take off at night!  If you wash off your makeup, hydrate and moisturize, you’ll see improvements and your skin will thank you for it!

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