What Songs Have Commercials Ruined For You?

Some people are foodies, some are techies — I’m a music girl. Apparently, my brain is just wired differently, because it’s music ALL…THE…TIME! When I’m not listening to it, or playing it for you on the radio, there is a good chance I’m singing a hook over and over that’s stuck in my brain. My family suffers the fate of a stuck hook, a lot.

Music fascinates me. It can be associated with a feeling, a memory, a person or just about anything. Think about it, a certain song comes on and you immediately thing of a certain person, or about a time you were doing something and the song was playing. It’s cool how music has this power. I cant remember the Preamble to the Constitution, but I can rattle off the entire lyrics to the most obscure songs that probably were never hits.

I’m noticing that some songs are no longer just songs for me – do you ever get like that? Some songs have been so cemented to a person/place/movie/commercial that I’ll never be able to associate the two separately. For example, Eye of the Tiger is Rocky’s theme. It’s not a stand-alone song; it’s Rocky’s theme. Danger Zone is forever associated with Top Gun – there is a long list, sadly. Movies and TV commercials have ruined some of my favorite songs by taking their musical identities away.

Next time you hear a commercial or movie with a great song, do me a favor and give it a listen just to enjoy a great song without a minivan or male enhancing drugs ruining its street cred. Or even better call me up and request a spin on the radio.

What songs have commercials and/or TV ruined for you? Email me at cathysummers@ccb-media.com.

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