Sounds of Cape Cod: The Things You Only Hear – Here!

The inside of a human ear is only about the width of a pencil eraser, yet it helps us instantly make sense of such a huge amount of stimuli. And Cape Cod, especially in the warmer months, is an auditory overload.

Some of these sounds are too loud or quirky ignore; but it’s the subtle, understated ones which provide a backbeat and a backbone for the Cape’s unique and unforgettable audial landscape.

Ferry horns departing Woods Hole/Marthas Vineyard/Nantucket

The smash of a baseball bat at a Cape League game

“Peepers” creaking from ponds and marshlands

Crashing Waves at Truro High Head and the National Seashore

The beating of Mashpee Wampanoag drums and traditional songs

The chatter and music of opening night at the Beachcomber in Wellfleet

Planes landing at Barnstable Municipal Airport

The flapping of flags honoring thousands of lives at the National Cemetery in Bourne

The Lobster Claw Jingle

Outboard engines cruising on Nantucket Sound

Piping plovers peeping on hot sandy beaches

P-Town on the 4th of July

The hum of the Cape Rail Bridge lowering over the canal

Herring flopping up the fish ladders at Herring Runs

By Staff