Check Out the List of Top 10 Dogs for Kids

10. Bulldog

Bulldogs aren’t exactly high energy, so yours won’t be able to keep up non-stop with a house full of very active kids. But the good news is Bulldogs are sturdy playmates that are easygoing, friendly and sociable. And despite its size, this breed adapts well to small living spaces like apartments.

9. Beagle

Beagles are also solidly built, but they are more energetic than Bulldogs — which means your dog won’t tire out before your children do. Beagles are intelligent, good-natured dogs that typically get along well with other pets.

8. Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers have received a bum rap as aggressive dogs, but the fact is they were bred to be companions for both adults and children. Like the Bulldog and Beagle, the Bull Terrier is a sturdy playmate for young children in the family.

7. Collie

The Collie is a gentle dog, unaggressive and easy to train. This breed loves children and is eager to please and protect human family members. Collies have long, heavy coats and require daily grooming.

6. Newfoundland

Newfies love and protect the human kids in their family and make excellent four-legged nannies. This giant breed is incredibly gentle, patient and sweet natured.

5. Vizsla

These sleek, athletic dogs need regular exercise, so if your family is very active, the Vizsla may be a good choice. This breed is animated, but also gentle and affectionate. Vizslas are intelligent, obedient and easy to train.

4. Irish Setter

Irish Setters are high energy, spirited dogs. Like the Vizsla this breed needs plenty of regular exercise, so an active family is a good match. Irish Setters are beautiful dogs — intelligent and trainable.

3. Poodle

The Poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds. Poodles are also gentle, easygoing and patient. Another benefit of this breed is it hardly sheds. However, regular professional grooming is necessary to keep that slightly wild, curly coat under control.

2. Labrador Retriever

Labs rank as one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. year after year. This is because these wonderful dogs seem to have it all — playfulness, patience, a protective instinct, and dependability. Labrador Retrievers are sweet natured, smart, easily trained, and their short coats are easy to care for.

1. Golden Retriever

Most Goldens aren’t quite as big as Labs (unless they’re allowed to overeat), but they are very similar in terms of temperament, intelligence, gentleness and loyalty. This breed is eager to please, even-tempered and patient, making it the perfect kid-friendly pet. Goldens do need lots of exercise, but since most are excellent retrievers, swimmers and trail dogs, it’s easy for active families to help their pet burn off all that energy.

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By: Dr. Karen Becker

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