Will You Help Isabelle Find a Home?

Isabelle has been with us since JANUARY. Please help us spread the word about this very special pup. Our pit bull mix came to us when her energy was just too much for her family. Izzy, as we call her, thinks that there’s nothing better in the world than playing tug with her leash, which goes to show that she will benefit from consistent, positive rewards training. She will be your best friend if you promise to cuddle with her, rub her belly, allow her to give you oodles of kisses, and go for brisk walks in the neighborhood. Izzy needs to be ‘queen bee’ to a home with dog-savvy kids and no other animals. A fenced in yard would be ideal, given her love for playing fetch and being a general goofball.

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Looking for a Pet?

The MSPCA Cape Cod has dogs and cats that need good homes! Please visit their location in Centerville! Each week, CapeCod.com, in conjunction with 99.9 the Q, picks an animal and tries to help find a home for that animal. See below for all the animals that we’ve helped and that are available still!


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