Arrests in Home Invasion

Josiah Nicholas

Josiah Nicholas

HYANNIS – Four suspects were arrested after reports of an armed home invasion in Hyannis Tuesday morning.

At about 1:45 am, just seconds after the home invasion was reported, police say Barnstable Patrol Officer Thomas Edwards encountered two women, Liovi Lewis, 33, and Rogetta Donalson, 21, walking in the area of Bearse’s Way and Hiramar Road.

The home invasion took place at 12 Hiramar Road, police say.

Witness statements placed Josiah Nicholas, 19, and his white Lincoln motor vehicle in the area just prior to the invasion, as well.

Rogetta Donalson

Rogetta Donalson

Shortly thereafter, police say a car matching the description of that vehicle was slowly circling the neighborhood. Police arrested the driver, Miguel Cardona, 20, and charged him with being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Police say, the tenant at 12 Hiramar Road reported being knocked down as several armed and masked suspects forcibly entered the residence. The tenant was ordered to “stay down or I’ll kill you.” A second occupant in the residence was ordered to produce money, to “give it up, give it up.”

Miguel Cardona

Miguel Cardona

The second occupant was restrained by one of the suspects as another assaulted him with a baseball bat. The victim was taken to Cape Cod Hospital with multiple injuries including lacerations to his wrist, shin, foot and broken bones in his hand, according to police.

A pellet gun and baseball bat were recovered from the scene of the home invasion, according to police.

Liovi Lewis

Liovi Lewis

The victim was treated by emergency room doctors and released later in the morning.

In the meantime, Nicholas came to the Barnstable Police Department to inquire about his car and Cardoza.

According to police, upon physical inspection of him by detectives, numerous items of physical evidence was discovered linking him to the crime scene at 12 Hiramar. He was questioned as to his involvement incident.

Nicholas confessed his involvement in the home invasion, as well as the involvement of Donalson and Lewis as well.

Police arrested Nichols,  Donaldson and Lewis.

All three are charged with four counts of armed invasion while masked; 2 counts of armed assault in a dwelling; armed assault with intent to rob; and threat to commit murder.

Nicholas, Donalson, and Lewis were all held without bail on Tuesday afternoon at Barnstable Correctional Facility.

They were scheduled to be arraigned this morning.

Cardona was released on personal recognizance.

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