Nantucket Jetty Project Making Progress

NANTUCKET – The jetties that have been protecting Nantucket Harbor for more than a century are getting a facelift.

The $10 million project includes reconstructing the east and west jetty’s with 35,000 tons of rock each, as well a dredging component that happened in November, with 40,000 cubic yards of sand being removed from the channel.

“We’re raising the jetties considering for sea level rise and climate change, making it a more formal structure to keep the sand out of the channel, and be more visible to boaters and vessels who use the channel,” said Dave Fronzuto, Nantucket Emergency Preparedness Director.

Being a fixture for more than 100 years, Fronzuto says the restoration is a long time coming.

“They haven’t had anything done to them since 1963, so this is going to be an improvement for safety and navigation, and some improvement to water quality as the water is able to flush in and out of the channel,” Fronzuto said.

The construction will not impact vessel traffic in and out of the harbor, and is expected to be completed by late June.

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