Power Restored in Hyannis

lightbulbsHYANNIS -As of 2:30 p.m., power was restored in the Town of Barnstable after an outage knocked out electricity to about 3,500 homes and businesses in Hyannis.

The power outage was caused by a downed wire on Phinney’s Lane, according to NSTAR spokesman Rhiannon D’Angelo.

The power was lost at about 12:25, and some street lights in Hyannis were also out.

NSTAR reported the outage into two areas: Hyannis and Barnstable.

In Hyannis, out of 15,000 NSTAR customers, 2,100 or 14 percent were without power at 12:30 this afternoon when the lights first flickered out.

In the rest of the Town of Barnstable, out of 17,000 NSTAR customers, 1,400 were without power or 8 percent of customers, according to NSTAR at the beginning of the outage.

About three minutes after the outage, 2,200 people regained their power, according to NSTAR officials.

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