Woman Gets Early Christmas Present With Return of Lost Ring

Ring - Dennis

Janet Atherton of Dennis displays the ring that was returned to her Thursday. It had been found in a pair of gloves in the parking lot of the Agway in Dennis by a local electrician last month.

DENNIS – Call it a Christmas miracle.

A ring found in a pair of gloves in the parking lot of the Agway of Dennis last month has been reunited with its owner.

The store and the man who found it made a plea to the public Wednesday in an effort to locate the person.

Janet Atherton of Dennis came forward Thursday morning after hearing the story on the news.

She said the opal ring has tremendous emotional value.

“It’s a very special ring. It belonged to my best friend who I’ve lost, and her daughter gave me the ring and it’s the second time I lost it and I never thought I’d see it again,” Atherton said.

The ring belonged to her college roommate who died of brain cancer 12 years ago.

“The first time it was lost for a year in my garden and I saw it the following spring and this time I thought I’d never get it back, so when I saw the story it was very emotional,” she said.

An electrician from Dennis, who asked to remain anonymous, found the gloves on November 21.

“I don’t mind returning something, but I want the actual owner to get it. It’s got to be a mystery as to what kind of ring it is. If someone can identify it, I will gladly give it back to the owner,” he said Wednesday.

Atherton said the man told her that there was a time when he would not have returned the ring, but his wife had recently turned his life around.

Atherton is a music teacher in Greenwich, Conn. who is moving to the Cape full-time next year.

Ring - 2

Janet Atherton of Brewster picks up her ring at the Agway in Dennis where it was found inside a glove last month in the parking lot.

She said the electrician’s son was the first to notice the ring inside the gloves after they were picked up from the parking lot.

Agway posted a picture of the gloves on their Facebook page in the hopes of finding the owner, and the post had so far been seen by over 60,000 people and has over 150 comments.

Agway of Dennis Store Manager Elizabeth Jenks was glad that the electrician found the gloves.

“I’m grateful that he picked those up in our parking lot and followed through, came back in to see if we could find the owner,” said Jenks on Wednesday. “Not sure if everyone in that position would’ve done it, but it’s nice to know that people out there would respond that way.”

The electrician said he knows there are others who would’ve done the same thing.

“I would think the next person would’ve returned it too. Dennis is a wonderful town.”

As a token of her appreciation, Atherton gave the man a $50 gift card for Agway, which was matched with another $50 card from the store’s owner.

And Atherton said she doesn’t expect to lose the ring for a third time.

“It came off on my hand because it was not sized properly for me. I’m going to have the ring re-sized. This is the second time I’ve lost it through gardening work,” she said.

By JUSTIN SAUNDERS and MATT PITTA, CapeCod.com NewsCenter

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