Yarmouth Town Manager Search Tossed Into Chaos

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CCB MEDIA PHOTO: Yarmouth Selectman Tracy Post

YARMOUTH – The search for a new Yarmouth town administrator was thrown into chaos Tuesday night, just weeks before the current manager retires.

Selectmen voted 3-to-2 to hire current Assistant Town Manager Peter Johnson-Staub, but under Yarmouth’s charter, at least 4 out of the 5 members must agree.

Selectmen Mike Stone and James Quirk opted for the second finalist, John Salamone, an outsider with no experience in Cape Cod issues. Salmone has served in municipal leadership in Connecticut and New York.

Erik Tolley, Tracy Post and Norman Holcomb, voting in the majority, went with Johnson-Staub, who has served as Yarmouth’s assistant town manager since 2001, and served as interim town manager after Bob Lawton retired in 2010.

Chairman Erik Tolley said the refusal of Stone and Quirk to pick a qualified candidate from within went against previous board decisions, which Quirk supported in the past.

“I think that when we did the police chief appointment, I made is very clear that I believe in the tradition of succession,” said Tolley, who was visibly upset by the vote.

After a lengthy debate, neither side would budge, putting the entire process into turmoil.

If a new town manager search process is needed, it could end up costing Yarmouth taxpayers $60,000 or more, according to outgoing Town Manager William Hinchey, who steps down on January 22.

Stone refused to budge on his vote, questioning whether Johnson-Staub was qualified for the job, despite his more than 15 years working in town hall.

“How can I say there’s parity when one person served in this position for 4 or 5 months as an acting director and another person has served in that position for 23 years,” said Stone.

Tolley, Post and Holcomb expressed their confidence in Johnson-Staub, noting his longtime service to the community.

By MATT PITTA, CapeCod.com News Director

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  1. What is the town of Yarmouth thinking! They have a more there quilfied person for the job! They will now delay the process as well as cost the tax payers more money. The town is not in good shape financially in first place and now was tring that money is a shame.

  2. Agatha Tilford says:

    John Salamone caused massive chaos in Newington Ct. Where he is leaving. What is the town council in Yarmouth thinking? Investigate the issues!!! Mr. Salamone is basically being run out of Newington because of his extreme bad judgement! If you hire him, good luck!

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