Countdown To Christmas: Finished Your Shopping Yet?

Alan Williams of  Orleans does some last minute shopping

Alan Williams of Orleans does some last minute shopping

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? From the looks of things in the parking lot at the Cape Cod Mall, there are a lot of last-minute Santas out there!
While waiting until the last minute for all the steals and deals might be good for your bank account , it won’t do much for your stress level. I work in retail, and so I get to see the frantic last-minute gift givers up close and personal, in the days before Christmas. Yes, I’m talking about you, overwrought mom, who just rifled through the pile of shirts, freshly folded by me, desperately hunting for your child’s size.
Then there are the Sue Masures of the world. The Mashpee shopper made her list, checked it twice and is all set to head down to Virginia on Christmas Eve so she can surprise her dad for Christmas. Sue had the hindsight to purchase all of her gifts months in advance. Her secret: She avoids the mall at all costs and doesn’t dare brave the crowds on Black Friday. Sue also does no online shopping, probably afraid the gifts won’t arrive in time….

Kathy and Noelle Corbiere of Denver Colorado also avoid Black Friday, preferring the slower pace of browsing the shops on Hyannis’ Main Street. The Corbieres, who are in Massachusetts to spend the holidays with family in Boston, had just about finished their gift buying when I ran into them at the Silver Seahorse.
“I really only have one thing more to get this year, but other than that I’m done,” Kathy said.
Noelle on the other hand is completely finished and is eagerly awaiting Christmas dinner as she does every year.
So how’s your shopping going? Are you completely done and eagerly await Christmas dinner like Noelle? Or are you (like me) desperately trying to finish up this week and facing a mammoth wrap job on Christmas Eve? Either way, just remember the best thing about Christmas is getting to see the look on your friends’ and family’s faces when they open your gift and absolutely love it. Happy Holidays from us here at

– By Kaitlyn Holzworth

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