Waggin’ Wednesday: Evie Is Looking For A Little Less Hustle and Bustle

Evie is looking for a quiet, low traffic home to call her own. She is not comfortable with the hustle and bustle of a busy household so a home without … [Read more...]

Remembering Thompson’s Clam Bar

“Take Rt. 28 to the Clam Bar Sign, for the Happiest Eating from Noon ‘til Nine! Hey! Where ya goin’? I’m goin’ to Thompson’s Clam Bar Because that’s … [Read more...]

Will You Help Us Find a Home for Professor X?

Professor X is an exceptionally talented telepath who can control the minds of all of his hooman friends…making them love him unconditionally! When he … [Read more...]

5 Favorite Clam Chowder Destinations

Soup’s on – Cape, that is. The most popular bowl on Cape Cod, one filled with Clam Chowder, can be found in many places. But these five have … [Read more...]

Need Same-day Repairs? Cape Cod Appliance Service Has You Covered

It happens all the time. Your washing machine, clothes dryer, refrigerator or dishwasher is working fine one minute and, the next… nothing. Of course, … [Read more...]

Paul Revere Bell Rings Daily in Falmouth

In 1792, 17 years after his famous ride, Paul Revere opened a bell foundry – a fancy term for bell factory – in Boston, where he and a small team made … [Read more...]

Waggin’ Wednesday: The Color of Honey and A Personality as Sweet!

  How would you like to meet Raymond?  This gentle older cat has had some ups and downs recently. His family was evicted from their … [Read more...]

10 Things You MUST Do on the Cape Before You Die

Cape Cod is so much more than just a giant sandbar. It’s a surprisingly diverse landscape, filled with fantastic food, unforgettable geographical … [Read more...]

Will You Help Us Find a Home for Willa?

Meet Willa, our 8 year-old German Shepherd! This gorgeous pup came to us when her owner could no longer care for her. Willa is reserved with strangers … [Read more...]

The Short List: Top 10 Spots to Go Recreational Fishing on the Cape

Welcome to the Short List! The Short List is a place for people to share opinions and discover new things on and about Cape Cod. We take your … [Read more...]

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