Talented Teens: Shelter From The Storm Benefit Concert Photos!

Cape Cod has a lot of young talent...some of the best performed at the 11th Annual Shelter From The Storm Benefit Concert organized by Cape Cod … [Read more...]

Chatham Harbor Views: Un-Fog-ettable!

Another misty day on the Cape...Chatham tends to have its own unique version of fog...lack of visibility does not deter clammers  or the Coast … [Read more...]

Looking Forward: Summer Breeze On Cape Cod!

Winter winds will soon become Summer breeze...set your sights on setting sail &...Enjoy! By Spencer Kennard As a child, spending summers … [Read more...]

PHOTOS: Valentines Photographs from around the Cape!

Love is in the air!  Take a look at these photographs of various things from around the Cape. Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Cabin Fever Relief: Bayside Beach Stroll!

It felt like I had been inside too long...sunshine/blue sky/puffy clouds... time to get out-- stretch & stroll along the Bayside Beaches of … [Read more...]

Fantastic Finishes: Cape Cod Sunsets!

After a few gray/rainy evenings I look forward to the next fantastic Cape sunset... until then...Enjoy!  By Spencer Kennard As a child, … [Read more...]

Looking Forward: Cape Cod Beach Days!

Winter will not last forever...look forward to those wonderful Cape Cod Beach Days!... Enjoy! By Spencer Kennard As a child, spending … [Read more...]

Yarmouth Dept. of Natural Resources Tackle Winter Repairs

It may be a little early to think Spring, but towns across the Cape are working to repair winter storm damages...Bill Bonnetti, Field Supervisor for … [Read more...]

Bald Eagles on Cape Cod

Thanks to P.J Cranberries for these photos of bald eagles in Sandwich. These are great shots! … [Read more...]

Cape Boat-Builders Showcase The Details Of Their Craft!

The fine craftsmanship in boat building, creating details to each vessel to make them unique, was on display during the "Boat Builders Show On Cape … [Read more...]

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